Thursday, December 4, 2008

Party like a Rockstar!

After a few days postponement, Joaquin's 2nd birthday party was a raging success. I can't say I was in tip top shape with all the sickyness around and Dan had to miss it because he was next in line for The Puke, but we still managed to pull off a rager. Not nearly as many people were able to make it on Sunday compared to Friday, but we still had a perfect sized crowd. It was a Rockstar theme, because, kid loves to rock out.

Rockin Cupcakes
These were a variety of vegan, gluten free and regular...all were chocolate, with pumpkin and chocolate chips and all were dee-lish!

The cool kids munchin' on their rolled tacos my mom made...also dee-lish!

B-day boy and his pinata
A guitar pinata, of course!


Rockstar glasses & guitar bubbles
The bags had sunglasses, guitar bubbles...

...little musical instruments and...

Rock star tattoos
...Rockstar tattoos, of course.

He LOVED this part!

It only took him a few tries, and a bit of slobber.

Tired Mama
And I'm beat...but happy.

He's two! Happy Birthday little man!

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