Thursday, March 19, 2009

A house full of sickos.

I swear, at least one of us in this house has been sick ever since Thanksgiving. What is up with this season? It seems like everybody is sick!

At least before we were all taking turns.

At the current moment all three of us are sick. Actually I should say four. I heard Bella snoring last night so I'm assuming she's a bit stuffed up as well.

This last wave started with Joaquin and an ear infection. The second that passed Dan got a cold that I'm thinking has turned into a sinus infection. His snores are monstrous. They have gotten so bad, that I had taken to the couch in the middle of the night to get some sleep. I guess he felt bad, because for the past few days he is now just starting out on the couch.

Then Joaquin suddenly started with a runny & stuffy nose...again. The poor kid, he's been hit the hardest this season. He had a hard time sleeping through the snot, so things were pretty rough for a couple of nights there. Then the coughing started yesterday, but good thing he downed like three spoonfuls of honey and got some decent sleep.

As of yesterday, I started feeling it. By the end of they day I was officially sick. I'm trying all sorts of herbal/home remedies and will be getting some chicken soup for lunch. I really hope we all heal soon. I simply can't deal when we're all sick. But I'm not too hopeful, Dan has been sick for a couple of weeks now, I think this is going to be a long one.

Can we all please move on to Spring and away from the Winter colds please?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More real by the day

A bit ago, we started telling Joaquin there was a baby in my belly, he always shook his head and pointed to himself while saying "baby". He made it very clear that he was the baby and there will be no other babies taking his place.

So since we found out it was a girl, I've started calling her "baby girl" and Joaquin "baby boy". That way he still gets to be a baby and nobody is replacing him. He's really taken to the idea.

We went on a picnic Sunday and I brought the camera. When we got home as I was uploading them, he saw this one, pointed to the screen and while smiling said "baby girl". It was the most adorable thing ever.


This morning as I was getting ready he kept bumping his head against my belly. I asked him to be careful with baby girl, so he reached over and rubbed it. Then I asked him, "Where is baby girl?" He answered "Baby girl is in your belly!". "And where is baby boy?" "Right here!"

Made this mama heart just melt.

Here's a few more from our picnic...

picnic hug




Monday, March 9, 2009

Joaquin is going to have a baby....


We woke up sooo early this morning, dragged ourselves out of the house and made it to the office a little before 7am. My mom also came to hang out with Joaquin in the waiting room because we knew that it would be way too hard for him to sit in the Ultrasound room with us.

We went through all the usual pictures and shots and our baby was looking very healthy. The heart looked great, pumping away! We saw two legs, two arms and two little hands and feet!

The tech kept trying to get a certain angle of the heart, but the baby just wouldn't cooperate, so she asked me to get up and see if the baby would move. No luck, so she asked us since we're waiting, if we wanted to know the gender. I said, "It's a boy." She replied with "Oh really? Did someone already tell you this?" "No, I just think it's a boy." "Oh, because I'm pretty sure it's a girl!"

I didn't believe her, Dan said "I knew it!" I kept asking her if she was sure and repeated "Really?" over and over again as I started to cry. "Really, it's a girl, look..." and she showed us the telltale 3 lines that everybody speaks of.
She then asked me if I wasn't happy about it since I was crying and I had to explain to her, "No, it's just that it's too perfect...a boy and a girl! I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment, so I just figured it was going to be a boy."

So, it's not a boy, but a healthy, stubborn little girl. The tech finally got the shot she needed of the heart and a profile. That's her little hand she kept sticking in her mouth.


We met my mom and Joaquin outside and my mom also cried when we told her the news and said that we must go shopping right away! We told Joaquin too, but he was really only concerned with the huevo and pancakes we were about to go get. It's OK, he's still going to be an incredible big brother!

Dan called his mom while we were at breakfast and her reaction was just so awesome, "I knew it was going to be a girl only because there can never be another Joaquin." They're pretty cool grandparents. We're lucky we have the parents we do.

Now the fun of deciding on a name begins. That we will keep a surprise until she is born...gotta leave something a mystery!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

7am Monday

We have our BIG ultrasound at 7am on Monday morning. I am so excited, I cannot wait! Everything has been looking really good, so fingers crossed, it continues to go that way. We really cannot handle anymore drama in our lives right now so this baby better be healthy!

Everybody keeps asking me, "What do you want?" I really don't know how to answer that question. Of course I want a sweet healthy baby, but I have a sneaking suspicion they're trying to find out if I want a girl or a boy.

Honestly, I'm pretty torn on this! It would be wonderful to have one of each, and I would seriously go crazy over all the fun girly girl stuff! But it would also be great for Joaquin to have a little brother to play with, and we would seriously save a boatload of money since we have plenty of clothes!

All the silly gender prediction tests and games point to a girl and that is what I swore I would have even before I got pregnant. But lately, I'm kind of leaning towards a boy. Oh, who knows! But if baby cooperates, we'll find out Monday morning!

So, let's hear it, what's your guess. Here's the last belly pic I'll take before Monday at 18 weeks.

18 weeks

What does it look like to you? Hm, maybe I'll even give a prize to the ones who are right...

yep a big ol' hug from me, how can you resist?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just some random cuteness from the past few weeks!

This was today in the yard. Joaquin kept sucking on the hose, so I told him not to do it because there are bugs living in the hose and they will crawl out of the hose and into his mouth. What a motherly kind of story, right?

Well, he bought it for a minute but then here is telling me "No more bugs, mommy, bugs all gone!" and went right back to sucking out the water.

just cute

The other night I gave him some sunflower seed butter and carrots to occupy him while I was making dinner...within a few minutes this is what he looked like. The living room wasn't much better. Seriously, how do people without dogs live with a toddler? This was his pose when I asked him to show me his butter belly!

butter belly!

He got this skateboard for Christmas from my parents. I finally found the pads and helmet a few weeks ago during a Toys R Us adventure. He seriously kept them on all afternoon and evening...I'm surprised he didn't sleep with them!

Skater boy!

While looking through my pictures, I realized there was so much I didn't blog about while feeling like hell in my first trimester. So, if you don't mind I'm going to throw in some catch up posts here and there...I'm sure you all are soooo interested in our Christmas and Winter Disneyland trip, right?!?