Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More real by the day

A bit ago, we started telling Joaquin there was a baby in my belly, he always shook his head and pointed to himself while saying "baby". He made it very clear that he was the baby and there will be no other babies taking his place.

So since we found out it was a girl, I've started calling her "baby girl" and Joaquin "baby boy". That way he still gets to be a baby and nobody is replacing him. He's really taken to the idea.

We went on a picnic Sunday and I brought the camera. When we got home as I was uploading them, he saw this one, pointed to the screen and while smiling said "baby girl". It was the most adorable thing ever.


This morning as I was getting ready he kept bumping his head against my belly. I asked him to be careful with baby girl, so he reached over and rubbed it. Then I asked him, "Where is baby girl?" He answered "Baby girl is in your belly!". "And where is baby boy?" "Right here!"

Made this mama heart just melt.

Here's a few more from our picnic...

picnic hug




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