Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just some random cuteness from the past few weeks!

This was today in the yard. Joaquin kept sucking on the hose, so I told him not to do it because there are bugs living in the hose and they will crawl out of the hose and into his mouth. What a motherly kind of story, right?

Well, he bought it for a minute but then here is telling me "No more bugs, mommy, bugs all gone!" and went right back to sucking out the water.

just cute

The other night I gave him some sunflower seed butter and carrots to occupy him while I was making dinner...within a few minutes this is what he looked like. The living room wasn't much better. Seriously, how do people without dogs live with a toddler? This was his pose when I asked him to show me his butter belly!

butter belly!

He got this skateboard for Christmas from my parents. I finally found the pads and helmet a few weeks ago during a Toys R Us adventure. He seriously kept them on all afternoon and evening...I'm surprised he didn't sleep with them!

Skater boy!

While looking through my pictures, I realized there was so much I didn't blog about while feeling like hell in my first trimester. So, if you don't mind I'm going to throw in some catch up posts here and there...I'm sure you all are soooo interested in our Christmas and Winter Disneyland trip, right?!?

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Shandell said...

Joaquin is so cute!