Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baking with Joaquin

I'm ditching work tomorrow to enjoy Halloween with Joaquin. I love Halloween and one of my playgroups is having a Halloween get together. I figured it was more important to make memories with my child than to deal with the insanity that will be tomorrow. So, in preparation for tomorrow, I decided to bake cookies with Joaquin tonight. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but seriously, I almost ran out of my house screaming...instead I had three glasses of wine.

Joaquin is very much the explorer and like any toddler he loves all the stuff that he sees us use. I'm trying really hard to honor his need to explore and experiment with real life stuff, but holy jeez.

By the middle of our evening the kitchen floor had a solid coat of flour and sugar. Dishes, utensils, pots and pans scattered the entire floor, table and each counter while two cabinets had been emptied and the coffee maker was nearly completely disassembled.

We finally both had a bit of a melt down and we both ended up in a "time out". But somehow after a little cuddling and nursing we managed get it together and get back to business. He helped me clean the kitchen and even helped me sweep. We also picked up all his toys in the living room and he begged me to take out the vacuum. He then vacuumed. Not well, but it was still pretty awesome.

Miraculously the evening ended with a heaping plate of cookies, a semi-clean house and both of us in smiles. It's pretty cool how much he can actually help, as long as I open myself up enough to accept the little toddler ways of helping. I'm not sure how soon I'll venture into another adventure like this...but I have to say, even after all the insanity, it was kind of fun. Maybe next time I'll even manage to take a few pictures.

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Iris said...

Good for you. That is sweet. I am still waiting for my cookies for tomorrow to come out of the oven. Lila didn't fall asleep until 11pm and I was working on the costume before then. Good times.