Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Baby?

The other morning as I was getting ready to head to work, I was emailing a colleague to set up a morning meeting. In the email I told her I would "be there soon, as long as the baby didn't wake up". The baby? What baby?

I continue to refer to Joaquin as "The Baby". The problem is, he isn't a baby anymore. When I call him "the baby" I'm sure people are expecting to see an actual baby, not a walking talking toddler.

So what do I call him now? The kid? The toddler? My son?

None of them quite have that ring of "The baby", plus he's still my baby!

1 comment:

Iris said...

Soon enough he will correct you and insist you call him a big boy. At the pace Lila and Joaquin are apart, I guess it will be in about 3 months. :)