Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Nightly Show

Every night, between bath and bedtime, Joaquin puts on his Nightly Show. He dances, poses and plays "music" for us. Here is a shot from last night's performance...

rockin' out

We've also been practicing the potty more often lately. I'll just let him hang out naked and wait. For a while he would start to pee, catch him self and then run to the bathroom. Now I'm noticing that he's holding it. The other day he had been naked for a couple of hours and I realized he hadn't peed, so I asked him if he needed to. Sure enough he ran to the bathroom, I helped him up and he peed...a lot. He did the same yesterday, as you can tell, he was rather excited about it!

cropped on the potty

If you're "friend" or "family" you can see the cuter uncropped photo on flickr.


lola coca-cola said...

So cute. I miss both of you gorgeous faces.

LisaBella said...

He's such a rockstar! He's got a little bit of Elvis in him :)