Friday, April 10, 2009


This morning as I was getting dressed to go to playgroup I heard a loud crash and thud from the living room and then a "OH SHIT!" from Dan and then screams from Joaquin. I ran out in a panic looking for blood, thank goodness there was none. Dan had Joaquin in his arms while he screamed in pain.

My heart stopped as I saw white chunks of something spilling out of his mouth which I thought they were his teeth. Turns out he was spitting out pieces of the string cheese I had just given him. I still didn't know what had happened so I pulled him to me and sat down on the couch searching his body for injuries and pleading to Dan to tell me what happened.

Joaquin was watching Sesame Street and went to lean against our end table. His eyes were on the tv and not on the table so he was standing a bit too far from the table. His arm missed the table, but his head didn't.

I thought he had hit his forhead, but didn't see much. He was still screaming and I was panicked so I offered him some mama milk. It's been over two weeks since we last nursed, but I just wanted him to be OK. At first he refused and I continued to search his body for bumps or blood. He slowly started to calm down and leaned against me. Dan, from the other side of the room said "Ohhh, look at his ear."

The table caught the top of his ear. It was turning blue and swelling quickly. We tried to ice it but he refused. He refused arnica too but finally asked for milk. I was happy to have something to comfort him.

After about 40 minutes of cuddling and me searching for signs of a concussion he was up and ready to go to playgroup. He's been fine ever since. He's just got a fat ear and scared the shit out of his parents. This was one of our first BIG ouches that we've had to deal with and it wasn't fun. I'm not looking forward to what is sure to come!

first OUCH!

first OUCH!

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veganmomma said...

OUCH, that looks like it must have hurt. Glad he is OK.