Thursday, May 28, 2009

She's still a girl!

For a number of reasons I've been feeling very unsure about so many things lately. It's all really too much to go into right now...just lots of uncertainty piled on top of more uncertainty.

I think all of these feelings of insecurity have seeped into pretty much everything for me lately. Suddenly I became super paranoid that baby girl wasn't really a baby girl. I couldn't think of names, I couldn't bring myself to go through Joaquin's clothes in fear that I would get rid of boy clothes we would end up needing. I started thinking about it everyday. I never told Dan because I thought he would just think I was being silly. Then at our hospital tour, we were talking to another couple and they were talking about getting a 4d Ultrasound. He thought it sounded cool and so I told him about how I was feeling. So he said we should just do it!

We invited both parents and on Wednesday, we all got to see baby GIRL all cuddled up in my belly.

baby girl!!

Joaquin was wayyy more interested in the jelly on my stomach, but he did get the idea of what was going on. Now he keeps touching my belly asking about the "baby in your belly?"

She's a cutey and we swear already looks like Joaquin. She's got the cutest little heart shaped lips and lots of hair.

She's also head down! I was getting kind of worried about this because of where I was feeling movement...turns out her feet are under my ribs and she's kicking the hell out of them!

I'm feeling better and excited again. I'm ready to tackle the bags of clothes we have to pull out the more gender neutral stuff. We have some ideas for names, but will still keep it on the hush hush.

In just a couple of weeks I'll be off of work for an indefinite amount of time will finally really start to tackle all of this baby prep stuff...time to get motivated!


Iris said...

Let's go through Lila's clothes soon. I have a ton of girly stuff you can use.

The Pacheco's said...

Isela, she already looks like you! Congratulations!