Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pregnant Mom's Getaway!

Three of my pregnant girlfriends, Julia, Kelli, Lisa and I, decided we all needed to run off, just for a night. Run off to get in some much needed pampering, relaxation and girl time before we have our next children. We stayed local, but it felt plenty far away and it was perfect...even with the dreary weather.

We started off our day with our prenatal yoga class. From there Lisa and I went for a big and awesome breakfast, and a little bit of shopping. Then we were off to our destination of The Marriot in Del Mar. When we got there we debated whether or not we wanted to cram four of our pregnant selves into two double beds or upgrade to two rooms...we decided that this was the only time we were going to get to do anything like this for at least another year or longer, so why not?

Julia and Kelli soon met us and the next few hours consisted of giggling, snacking, lounging and chatting. We were hoping to do all of this poolside, but alas the May Gray didn't allow it. It turns out it didn't matter. We were all perfectly content in the hotel room as proven by our many fits of laughter.

We even had facials! Julia hooked up a deal and we had someone come in and give us each a half hour prenatal facial. Of course we had to call the front desk for our fancy robes to add to the effect. After our facials, more snacking and giggling we set off for dinner. The waitress got a kick out of the fact that all four of us were with child. I guess we were quite the sight to see?

prenatal facials

pregnant mom's getaway

Pregnant Mom's Getaway!

We returned to our room, took a dip in the spa and came back to a lovely bottle of organic red wine that we all shared, with plenty leftover..don't worry.

It was glorious to sleep in the super luxurious "marshmallow" beds without a single "MMOOOMMMYYYY" or foot in the back. Of course we were all awake by 7:30 because our little people have us good and trained, but it's OK because we ordered room service for breakfast and it was scheduled to come at 8am. Breakfast in bed followed by an uninterrupted shower ended our stay.

It was perfect and I'm so grateful for the ladies that made it so fabulous. I'm looking forward to raising another little person with the support and love of your friendships!


veganmomma said...

You guys look adorable and I'm glad you got some well deserved kid free time. I can't wait for this new little crop to join our world.

lola coca-cola said...

YAY!!! I'm glad you guys got to go away, I wish Ihad had friends like you guys when I was pregnant. You all deserve it.

Sabrina said...

You all look so happy and relaxed! I am so glad you had a good time. It was well deserved and I am sure it was much needed!