Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part two of Isela Marí's arrival: It's Really Happening!

Here is the 2nd installment of Isela's birth story! Sorry for the cliff hangers, but I'm writing as I'm posting...the end isn't even written yet, I swear! Here is the link to Part One if you haven't read it.

Part two of Isela Marí's arrival: It's Really Happening!

Joaquin finally woke up around 7:30 and my contractions were just under 10 minutes apart and slowly getting more intense. When I went to stand up, my lower back was a mess. I could barely stand up straight with the constant dull ache. I wanted to hang out with Joaquin a bit in the living room knowing that this was it and he would be going to go my mom’s soon. Unfortunately, on the couch when he was trying to be cuddly it translated into him crawling all over me and making the contractions much less tolerable.

I called my mom and told her what was going on, but knew I couldn’t wait for her to come and get him. So Joaquin and I quickly got dressed and I drove him to my mom’s. Yes, I drove. Remember, the contractions were still pretty far apart and totally not intense yet…but getting there and she only lives about 20 minutes away. When I left I told Dan that it was probably the day, but I don’t think he believed me since right after I said that I drove off! Once at my mom’s I ate breakfast and tried to relax a bit. Again, it was really too difficult with Joaquin and all the distractions so I made a quick getaway back to our house where I could focus in peace and start listening to my Hypnobabies. Before I left I gave Joaquin the biggest most smothering hug he would let me give him and told him that the next time he saw me, I would have Baby Girl with me. His eyes lit up and he looked at both me and my mom like “really?” then he was off to play.

If you don’t know what it is, Hypnobabies is a birthing program that consists of a bunch of scripts read aloud by some lady on CD. It’s considered Hypnosis for childbirth but one is not under hypnosis like on a magic show or something, it’s more like super duper relaxation and focus on letting your body do what is simply meant to do. There is a cheese factor when first listening to the scripts, but if you can get past that, the end result is so totally worth it.

Anyway, at home Dan was dressed to go to work, I had to quickly put him in check and tell him he wasn’t going anywhere, this was it. I still don’t think he believed me. I called my chiropractor and made a one o’clock appointment for a final adjustment. I know it’s helpful in early labor plus my back was killing me. I was so afraid of back labor and know how much harder it makes for a natural birth so I wanted to do anything I could to help it go away! I also had a midwife appointment at 3pm, I had no I idea where I would be in terms of progress at that point so I wanted things ready, just in case.

By 11am I got in the shower and labored while hanging over my birth ball with the shower water hitting my lower back. I also let the tub fill up a bit and sat on the ball with the shower running over me. It made my back feel so much better, but as soon as I finished the ache returned.

I still had time and wanted to be prepared so I worked on the remainder of my labor projects. I wrapped the presents for Joaquin “from Baby Girl” and started packing the birthing cooler. I prepared a bag full of snacks and treats, made four big sandwiches for Dan and I and cut up and packaged some strawberries and watermelon. I also added a bunch of electrolyte drinks for me and some iced tea for Dan. We were set on food just in case of a long drawn out birth. If not, we were set for afterwards!

After I finished off the final additions to my hospital bag I finally I got dressed and we headed out for my chiropractor. She was awesome and did her regular adjustments and wished me good luck. No big hoopla, it was like she adjusts women in labor everyday, well she probably actually does. I didn’t feel instant relief, but by the time we got home I realized that I was no longer thinking about my back…It worked!

Back at home I packed up the cooler, checked some email and then it was time to head to the midwife to get there by three. My contractions had picked up and were just over 5 minutes apart. While I knew that that probably wasn’t enough progress to get admitted, I wanted to have our stuff with us just in case things picked up. I was really looking forward to laboring in the tub!

I feel like the trip to see my midwife is where everything turned from early into active labor. Just the walk from the car to the offices was enough to throw my contractions closer together, but when she checked me I was still only 3 cm and 75% effaced. In one last desperate attempt, I had her sweep my membranes to hopefully jump start things. She knew I was in early labor so she called the birth center to see how full it was and luckily they had a room ready and waiting, just for me! She suggested we continue to labor at home or walk around the area a bit since I was still only three stinking centimeters dilated. I opted to go back home and labor as much as possible there. I was disappointed, but was confident that we would be back by that evening.

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bendystar said...

It's so awesome that you got to labor at home- this is truly inspirational for me since we are trying again... Keep the story coming!

The818 said...

You make it sounds so casual! I love it - it calms me down and makes me feel like I can handle it.

Kym Roberts said...

Ciria - thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I can't wait for the next installment!!! You're a great writer. Thanks for sharing such a personal story - I love it! ~ Kym

Jessica said...

Ciria, First of all - Congratulations! Isela is beautiful and the name is beautiful too.
Also, I am really interested in your chiropractor. I am having sciatica already and with work approaching for me, I'd like to start seeing a chiropractor as I'm sure I'll need it even more in the weeks to come. Does your insurance pay? I know two years ago we got chiropractic coverage but didn't get any info on it for last year and lost my card from the year before. I know you're super busy so I'll understand if I don't hear back.
Thanks, Jessica