Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It would be so much easier if I didn't care.

But I do, and because of it, work is really kicking my ass lately. Most of my time at home is soaking up every moment with Joaquin along with the regular household this n' that. My time at work is just craziness. And now I am getting requests from peeps in my department to take the department chair position next year. While I appreciate the fact that they want me to lead them, I am really not sure if that's a job I want to take on. Plus, I am in the process of putting together a proposal for a new department model for next year. If that goes through I may be one of the pilot teachers. That's a whole lot on one plate! Especially since that plate gets there and leaves right at the contract times...No, I don't stay late and nope I don't take work home. I paid my dues! Believe it or not, I'm not quite sure how much time we have left until summer...8 weeks, or is it 7? Please please, let it be seven!!!

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