Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How does one entertain a 16 month old in the desert?

So far we've gone camping with Joaquin twice. The first time, he was about 5 months old and not mobile. No problem. The second time he was crawling. That was a bit more of a challenge because he just wanted to crawl around in the dirt. He spent a lot of time on his blanket with me, on my back in the ergo and in his stroller.

Now he is walking, running and all over the place and we're headed to the desert this weekend for a one-nighter. I am sure he will have a blast as he LOVES being outside. I also think, now that he's walking, it will be easier than the crawling trip. But I am a little worried about what he'll get into, now that he is exploring so much and if he'll get bored. We'll do plenty of walks, and he'll spend lots of that time on my back and on his own two little feet. But, back at the campground, will he get bored? What should I take, if anything, to entertain him? I imagine he will be all into the camping gear which may or may not be suitable for a child of his age. I also imagine him dragging things back and forth across the campground, but what will those "things" be? I'm considering bringing along some sand toys, but I'm a bit worried about those gnarly red desert ants. I also know that any of his normal toys will be so ho-hum to him compared to all the new "toys", such as the lantern, stove, axe, lighter, fire pit etc etc.

It should be a beautiful weekend out there, and I'm really looking forward to some great photo opportunities, but I keep getting my panties all in a bunch about this.

Please, all you wise people out there in internet me!!


Iris said...

Portable DVD Player and the entire first season of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Just kidding! You'll be fine, just take some engaging books or toys he really likes for those times you need to redirect him, say when he is headed straight towards the camp stove.

Otherwise, let him get in there and explore.

Have fun!

LisaBella said...

We went to Big Bear (cheated in an RV) when Isabella was the same age - prepare to have 4-5 changes of clothes/day. Other than that make forts with sticks, draw in the sand and maybe a few comfort toys/books. We overpacked in the toy area - nature was a great provider. Oh! and rescue remedy.