Monday, November 17, 2008

Choo choo trains!

Like many boys, Joaquin loves him some choo choo trains. Any time we're driving on the 8 freeway he is on the lookout for trolleys and spots them with screams and squeals of "CHOOOO CHOOOO DAIN"!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I did what I should have done months ago and my mom and I finally took him to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. This boy was in train heaven.

looking at the trains

Waiting for the train

looking with lita

By far the coolest room was the Toy Train Gallery. They had the most awesome little displays and models. Joaquin just wanted to watch the trains go by, but I wanted to sit and stare at all the amazing little details everywhere!

Coolest train display ever

It was six bucks to get in and 30 for a 12 month family pass. With how much Joaquin loved it and knowing that some possibly not so nice weather is up ahead, I went ahead and paid for the family pass. What's cool is that Grandparents can use it, so my mom or the In-laws can take them shall they feel so inclined.

After the success of this little adventure, how could we stop there? Off we went to the Miniature Railroad. As we arrived the train was just about full and it had to leave with out us. Just like at the pumpkin patch, the heartbreak began. The poor guy just didn't understand it was going to come back, luckily the gate prevented him from chasing it down.

Not looking so happy

Lita giggling

There's a tunnel up ahead!

So if your little person is obsessed with trains, go check out these two spots, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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LisaBella said...

When he gets older he can volunteer there and have full access to all the trains! We met a 12 yr old that operated the toy train gallery!