Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I *heart* Costco

We had to give up our Costco membership a couple of years ago. Every time we went, we spent a boatload of money and left with a boatload of junk. Plus, we really don't have the storage for boatloads. So we never renewed and now my Costco fixes are few and far between. Thankfully I have my mom to hook me up.

Yesterday we went to buy Joaquin's Christmas present. Yeah yeah, I know it's early. But we got him this super adorable kitchen and my mom was worried they would run out if we waited too long.

Good thing she dragged me over there kicking and screaming, because they had taken an additional 30 bucks off. So we got this cute thing for less than $100! When we walked up to it, I pointed it out to Joaquin, he looked up and said "I want that" "Good thing" I replied, "because you're getting it for Christmas!" That didn't really seem to register for him and I'm sure he's forgotten all about it by now.

Anyway, Costco is awesome and I'm so glad I don't have a membership because I would go bulk-wild on a regular basis if I could. Seriously, the bags of pears made me giddy and the toys are straight up awesome. There was also a very cute wooden toy garage that I have my eye on for possibly another Christmas present. I know I shouldn't, especially since I'm already obsessing over all the cute wooden food and kitchen accessories out there that will surely find their way under the tree.

And I wonder why I don't buy myself stuff anymore. Mama things are so boring compared to fun toys...I can't wait to play!!


lola coca-cola said...

I love Costco too. I go about once a week or two so if you ever want to go together...

That red kitchen makes me wish Nina didn't already have a play kitchen, it's so awesome.

Ciria said...

We can go to Costco together and then come over and play with the red kitchen :)