Sunday, November 1, 2009

Visit from The Great Pumpkin

Joaquin went to bed wayyyy too late last night and woke up wayyyy too early. At 6:30, the new time, Joaquin shot right up and asked "Did Great Pumpkin take my candy?" He then frantically jumped out of bed and to the front door. In my half asleep stupor I still managed to grab the camera as I followed.

from The Great Pumpkin!

from The Great Pumpkin!

Oh, and he's only asked for candy like three times, so good thing we have the firetruck to distract him.

Not Great Pumpkin related, but you seriously have to see this picture. This is what happens to sweet little Isela when I leave the two of them in the room to get my make-up on. I thought it was mischievously quiet for too long, and when I took a peek this is what I found...

What happens when I leave them alone.

Luckily she thought it was a fabulous time. It seems like Joaquin can already do no wrong in her eyes...she totally gets giddy every time he's around. It's pretty awesome.


The Psycho Mama said...

Aww. . .this is why my sweet baboo needs a little sister. I keep trying to tell DH, but he's not on board yet :(

Shannon said...


Tira said...

So sweet! and hilarious! :)
Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!!