Thursday, November 19, 2009

What would you do?

Let's play a little game with a hypothetical situation, and see...What would you do?

Let's say there are two parents in a given house. Parent A is in the shower with two small children. Let's say one is an infant in a water sling and the other is a few years old playing in the tub. Let's say you, as Parent B, hear the older child freak out so you come in to investigate to find that the infant had pooped while in the sling, the bath water is bright orange and the older child is squealing in disgust. What would you do next?

A. Laugh and walk away to let Parent A figure it out on their own.

B. Maybe laugh but then ask what you can do to help.

C. Immediately start helping because obviously this is not a one person operation.

D. Other, please explain.

So, what would you do in this oh-so-obvious hypothetical situation? Please explain your answer and thanks for playing!


Shannon said...

Well, being that I'm a Mom and just naturally a helper, I would jump in and start helping and then laugh about it later.

But I can totally see how this would go down at my house if this hypothetical situation were in fact, true.

Barb said...

D. Immediately help (no questions asked) and laugh in the process.

I'm going to take a wild guess that your husband did A? ;)

Anonymous said...

C. and then laugh about it later.
Gotta love being a parent!

The rule of multiple choice...always choose C!! ;)

Shandell said...

Laugh and offer to help.
PS I've never heard of a to google!

Tara said...

I'll agree with Barb on this one.

Jenna said...

I would immediately help but laugh hysterically the entire time.