Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two weeks (and a handful of days)

Two weeks...that was going to be the title of my post when I planned to write this post like 4 days ago. It had been two weeks since my last update. Not only was it my last update, it was also the last time I took pictures of my children! Shame on me...slap my wrists...I'm a bad blogger.

So here are the pictures I meant to show you all from this weekend.

Joaquin & Isela

Joaquin & Isela

Seriously. The cuteness. I can't get over it.

Just so you know, I'm writing this post as I pump at work and these pictures are my inpsiration to get the milk flowin'. That first one is my computer desktop wall paper.

In the past almost 3 weeks now, their love for each other has become so much more obvioius. Yeah, we're still prying Joaquin off of Isela when is expression of love gets a little too spazzy, but for the most part we're letting them hug and cuddle a lot more. They seem to both need it and love it. Isela is head over heels for her big brother. You can already tell that she looks up to him like no other. It's freaking awesome to see them love each other so much.

Dan is taking care of them right now and rocking it. Yesterday, my friend Sara told me how her son, Rowan was playing "Dan and Isela" the other night. He was pretending to be Dan and feeding his baby doll from a bottle because he saw Dan feeding Isela at swim class the other day. How aweseome is that? Goes to show that Daddies can be just as valuable at home with the kids as Mommies.

I know you are all wondering why I went back to work. Why this sudden change in our game plan. Well ladies and gents, I know the suspence is killing you and I would tell you now...but I don't have a picture on this work computer so I can't do the annoucement justice.

My pumping time is just about over so back to work I go...I'll be back soon with the new good news...I promise. Like tomorrow. I hope.



Eliska Bobeeska said...

Ciria you are such a little punk!!!! I'm just happy that things are going good and any good news for you is great!!! Your kids are so beautiful and I bet it's such a trip to watch them together - I hope I get to experience the same someday. I miss you and hope you are doing good!! xoxox

Shandell said...

the suspense really is killing me here!
glad things are going well. and Isela's cheeks are to die for!

afg / angie said...

I want to know the secret!!!
Miss you on the boards.