Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer is nearing it's end.

This is my last week as a pseudo SAHM. I feel like I should be out and about drinking in every last ounce of summer freedom, but I'm not. I actually just want to stay home and chill this week, but I feel kind of guilty for wanting that. I realized that while summer flew by, we did a lot. We went out and did something every single day. There was not one day where I stayed home all day and just poked around the house. So I think I'm going to do just that for the rest of the week. I know we didn't go to the beach or to Sea World or everywhere else enough, but we still managed to pack in a fun summer and I'm trying to allow myself to enjoy just resting up. It's time to stick close to home for a couple of days and like it, damn it!

Dan worked incredibly hard on fixing up our back yard the last couple of weeks. It was once just a big stinky pile of dirt and weeds for Bella to do her business. But we put in a couple of planters and decomposed granite. Now we're out there almost every morning and afternoon, so I think I may fiddle around out there a bit. Joaquin loves it as you can see.

Stealing mama's coffee...

...and then drinking it.

Biker baby

Planning his next move

Time to mow the dirt, oh and need the gloves!

Child labor

So yeah. I think I'm going to chill for a day or two and mentally prepare myself for what will be a pretty insane next week.


yenfamilyadventures said...

I love the pics!! Enjoy the end of your summer!

julia said...

are those UNDERPANTS? go joachin!

Ciria said...

Yep, those are his "choo choo choo undies". He loves them, but he also pees in them ;)