Monday, March 8, 2010

Why are you suddenly blogging again?!?!

Over the past year or so, Joaquin has gone on a few nap strikes and each one drove me batty. He would just refuse to nap, but then would be super insane until bed time. Yeah, he went to bed early, but the afternoon of hell totally didn't make it worth while...until now.

He started skipping naps again a few days a week in the past week or two, but now he's totally cool all afternoon...and then he goes to bed at like 6:30 or 7!!! And then wakes up at like 7 or 8!!!

I know, right?

So now I have my evenings back. Isela is still kind of all over the place with her schedule, but she won't go to bed any later than like 8 or so, so yeah...I have my evenings back!

Tonight they were both down by 7. Seven. SEVEN. (OK all you Friends addicts, where is that from ?)

If you're not a parent you have no idea how amazing this is. If you are a parent...holy crap, this is amazing.

Blogging was one thing I was really missing lately. Blogging is for me, for me to sort out my thoughts and feelings and also to help me remember. There is just so much to remember and if I don't take the time to get it all's just gone. So with this time, blogging is definitely one thing I'm going to get back to doing.

On a totally different subject, take a look at this uh-maz-ing lamp we got for the dining area...

the new lamp

front room

front room

I found it on craigslist but needed to get it rewired and it was totally worth it. This room is finally coming together. Other than getting more stuff on the walls, we're on the hunt for a couple of nice chairs to replace that green one and set up a little sitting area with a small table, maybe possibly a rug...although we're really diggin' the open floor space in this room.

I know I haven't given you many pictures of the house, I've been meaning to, I promise, and hopefully I'll finally be able to at some point in the semi-near future. We shall see!


The Pacheco's said...

Yay for your evenings back! :) and the Seven, Seven Seven is from when Monica & Racheal are explaining to Chandler about the different sex points! :) LOVE THAT SHOW!

Ciria said...

I said it once today, and I'll say it again...everything is a Friends episode ;)

Shandell said...

what a great find! I like the neutral color in that room as well, was it painted that color when you bought it?

Ciria said...

Shandell, we (as in Dan) painted the whole house when we moved in. The walls were a MESS. They literally had a DART BOARD in this room! This room, the family room the hall and Isela's room are this color...a nice soft gray. I'm a total fan of gray as a neutral :)