Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bribery works.

For Father's Day today we decided to take an adventure to the Wild Animal Park. I was a little nervous about Joaquin's potty learning, but he totally put me in my place. I brought three changes of undies and shorts, and did not need a single one of them!

Thumbs up!

We knew after a couple of hours that Joaquin just had to go, but each time we took him into the bathroom he refused. He had not yet gone in a public toilet, so I knew it was difficult for him. What's a mom to do? Bribery usually works. Yep, I promised him a hat if he went pee pee in the toilet, because if you know Joaquin, you know he loves hats. He quickly asked me if he could get a "Helicopter" hat. He's been eyeballing them every time we go to the zoo and he saw one earlier. Of course.

Here he is right after he went in the men's room with Dan...he was saying "I did it!" It was freaking adorable.

I did it!

After that he went like three times in the restroom with Dan, no problem. Here he is after we finally found his beloved hat.

This was his bribe for using his first public toilet

So, yep. We went ALL day with no accidents, not one. Can you believe it? I can't!

Here are a few more pics from our day including me at 33 weeks and Joaquin giving Dan his Father's Day kiss.

33 weeks!

Father's Day Kiss

"Helicopter" Hat and THE Sunglasses

At The Wild Animal Park

Yay Joaquin & Happy Father's Day Dan!

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eiroc said...

Yaaayyyy...I bet you were so excited he went. He looks so cute with his hat.