Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last week

As promised, here is a more upbeat post with pictures from last week.

Last Saturday we went to Dan's parents house so they could finally meet Isela. They had been out of town since the birth!

Isela was really over the flash, but seriously, how can I resist?

enough with the flash already!

Dan's mom, Donna, with Isela...

With Gramma

You know every mom takes those photos...yep, the baby on the lap shot.




Last Wednesday Joaquin went to a puppet show with some of his friends. Here they are all stoked and showing off their tickets...it was pretty frickin' cute.

Show me your tickets!



Rowan Hugs!

And here is Isela after a bath with her fuzzy hair, again, pretty annoyed with the flash...

fuzzy head

Oh, and before her bath, all sweaty and cute in her cloth diaper...

big ol diaper butt!

Tomorrow we're taking the kids out on the Coronado Ferry...I know they will love it, so I'll be back soon with pics!

Also, thank you for the comments here, on facebook and in person about my last post. They all really helped me put things in perspective and understand that this is all just a normal passing phase. That's helping me to chill out a bit which is encouraging Joaquin to chill out a bit. It's awesome to know I have such great supportive people sharing in my life through this blog...I appreciate it more than you know!


veganmomma said...

OUCH, Lucca's poor neck! We are working on those "hugs".

Sweetface Photography said...

Hi Ciria! Just catching up on your blog :) I cannot believe how much Isela looks like Joaquin! It's uncanny. They have both grown so much and are just as beautiful as can be.