Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Turning a corner...

The past week has really started to feel better with Joaquin.

All of the reassuring comments and reminders from you all saying that what we were going through was normal, really helped me put things back in perspective. I've also been doing some reading of some parenting books, the one that has really caught my attention is "It's a Boy! Understanding Your Son's Development from Birth to Age 18". It has helped me understand that all of these behaviors I was seeing was not only normal because of a new sibling, but also because he's a boy. It's easy to forget just how hands on and active he needs to be when having to juggle so many things, including a newborn.

Yeah, I knew he had to get out and burn energy, but even when sticking around the house, there are plenty of things that can keep him happy and engaged, especially if I'm not afraid to clean up a little mess and to pick a battle here and there.



Today was especially great. We woke up early and I gave him a cookie sheet full of rice & beans to play with his trucks and cars while I got us ready for the day. He didn't ask for TV once and he was totally in his adorable little world for a good couple of hours.



Then, just him and I went to his swim class. Dan has been taking him lately, but since I've started pumping my milk, I was able to go today while Dan stayed home with Isela. We had such a great time and I was seriously so happy to just play and spend time with him.

Back at home he helped me organize his room, he napped and then we went for a long long walk to the park. There weren't any huge power struggles, no tantrums, no bouncing off the walls...just a great day, like we used to have.

Last Saturday I even took him out on a date, we went to dinner and then to Borders to buy a couple of books and to get a chocolate milk and a cookie. Ever since then I've really noticed a difference in his moods. I feel like he's starting to understand that yes he has to share me, but Mama isn't gone.

I know we will have our good and not so good days, but it's great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I mean, he really loves his baby sister...

A hug...

...a kiss...

...and a squeeze.

How's Isela doing? She's such a sweet and mellow little thing and is growing so fast!

tummy time

dots and flowers

Baby girl

She got to meet her cousin this weekend. My Step-Brother and his wife had their son about a week before we had Isela...Little Isaac...

What up Cuz?

Oh, and now that she's One Month old, she's officially found her thumb...

found her thumb


bendystar said...

I'm so happy that things are going smoother. Sounds like you're finding your groove as a family.

Shandell said...

I can't get over Isela's dark, thick hair! Your children are so gorgeous, but you already knew that :)
Glad everything is starting to smooth out.

The Psycho Mama said...

So glad things are getting better with your little boy. Sounds like you have really been making an effort to spend quality time with him, which is so great! Both of your children are adorable!

NixonsMamma said...

This made me all teary-eyed. I love that you went and had cookie and milk with your son. :) I'm taking notes. That's a good one! :) t