Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joaquin's big boy swim class!

Oh I should so be in bed right now! Both kids are asleep, I finished their Halloween costumes, watched some Glee (online), loaded a bunch of pictures on flickr and poked around on facebook and suddenly realized I still hadn't posted about Joaquin's swim class!

Bad mama!

On Tuesday Joaquin started his swim classes. Before we were in a playgroup swim class so I was in the water with him...but now he is all on his own. When we started talking about it last week he was totally not into the idea. He kept saying that he wanted "Mama to hold me" in the water.

The morning of, he was not a happy camper. Then I did what every fabulous mother does, I bribed him. I told him if he tried really hard with the teacher then we would go get him a chocolate milk from Starbucks. Yep, not only do I bribe my children, I bribe them with Starbucks. You see, I like to instill my consumerism early. Whatever. It worked.

He totally rocked swim class. He jumped in to the teacher's arms. He happily hung out on the *tot dock* when the teacher was working with one of the other two students. He made a friend, tried super hard, listened to directions and had a good time.

See what a little Starbucks can do?!?!

Here are a million pictures...enjoy!











Oh and here is one of Isela today...just because she is so darn cute!

Paint day!


The Psycho Mama said...

Aww, they really are adorable! Isela is really starting to look like Joaquin, huh?

A Baby Peach said...

So cute!!! You have the prettiest babies!

eiroc said...

Look at him. He looks so big. The teacher kind of resembles Ceci. Isela is so BEAUTIFUL.