Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is my life these days.

this is my life these days.

Yep. That's how I walked out of the house two weeks ago when I went to my 6 week check up. I didn't realize it until I was taking off my bottoms and looked down at my mismatched flip flops. I kind of wanted to cry but instead decided to screw it and go to playgroup after wards anyway. I mean, it's not like the other toddlers care and I knew the mamas would understand. Yeah, they all gave me a knowing but *poor you* kind of nod. A been there done that, well maybe not exactly that, kind of look.

It helped.

So, that's how it was two weeks ago and that's how it still is. I mean, I'm not wearing mismatched shoes everywhere, but I certainly feel mismatched much of the time.

Isela is officially moving out of the sleepy period and life has gotten much more interesting. Not bad interesting...just the kind of interesting that prevents one from wearing matching shoes.

Anyway, I just downloaded this picture and many many others from the past two weeks. Hopefully I can soon get you all more. Until then...this is all I got...

my very own Lenny

And people wonder why we keep telling him "Easy Lenny!" Don't worry, I saved her.

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