Friday, October 9, 2009

My Princess Baby

That's what Joaquin calls her, and rightfully so.

I just took Isela for her 2 month well baby check-up on Wednesday. She is in the 66th %ile for weight, 57th for height and her head? Well her head is in the 19th %ile. Yep, my baby has a small head. Oh well, it came in handy at the birth. Other than the small head and an interesting discussion about vaccines the appointment went well and Isela is in perfect health.

I feel like I don't post enough pictures of her so this post is all Isela all the time!

We got this super cute onesie from a friend, it says "make babies. not war.", I love it! Oh, and this was her first time in jeans, they were Joaquin's. I never thought hand-me-downs would be so fun, but I love putting her in Joaquin's old clothes and remembering what it was like when he was in them and seeing how cute they are on her.

make babies, not war


I love this *pose*...


This one says "I'm green!"

I'm green!

I'm so excited that she's starting to fit into 3-6 month clothes, we have a bunch of super cute stuff like this little top stashed away and she's finally able to start wearing them. I found this adorable hat on etsy, I can't wait to get some shots of her with it at the pumpkin patch next week!

pumpkin head

Here we both are with her all wrapped up in my new wrap at the Wild Animal Park yesterday. I love the festive!

isela in the didy

I haven't really put her in the stroller much so while Joaquin was playing I tested her out in the big kid seat. I thought she fit rather nicely! Maybe I can start using the stroller with both of them in it and get me some real walks?

my little big girl

Finally, here we both are today. Just so you know, this is the last time you'll see me with my hair like that. Yep, I'm getting it cut tomorrow! You know I'll be back with pictures...eeek, we'll see how short I go!

mama & isela

Her little personality is starting to come out. She's super chill and loves to watch the trees and everything else around her. I swear she knows when people are joking, she'll often smile like she *got it*. She also totally starts smiling when she sees and hears Joaquin. Even though I always worry he's too rough with her, she loves his hugs and kisses. It's going to be pretty amazing to watch their relationship grow...I'm quite looking forward to it!


Eliska Bobeeska said...

Ciria she is so adorable! I just love her! I can't believe she is already 2 months now...time just flys so fast! I love all of her hair, and she does look like quite an old soul? I can't wait to meet them both some day, they are amazing.

Iris said...

She's starting to look more and more like Joaquin. Adorable!