Friday, October 2, 2009

Kind of over it.

There has been construction in front of my house on and off for the past year. Right now I'm listening to the lovely sound of a jackhammer at 8:30 in the morning. I'm kind of over it.

We live on a street with mostly street parking and every other Monday and Tuesday we have to move our cars all over the place to clear a side for street sweeping. The week after I had the baby we forgot so we quickly accumulated about $150 in tickets. Our neighbors get pissy when we park in front of their house yet there is never any parking in front of ours. I'm kind of over it.

I think there is a prostitution ring in an alley house behind us. Seriously. I've seen way too many shady looking ladies walking in and out of that house while getting picked up and dropped off in front of my house. Just a tad over it.

I also am pretty sure they sell drugs. There is another shady neighborhood character that is always wandering in and out of the alley loitering in front of said suspicious house. He's either looking for a girl or a fix. By his mannerisms, I'm pretty sure it's the latter. There are also always cars with stupid loud music pulling up to it...and they don't stay long...just long enough, to you know. I'm really soo over that.

Our retaining wall is spotted with primer because we're tired of repainting the whole wall each time we get tagged. Yes, our wall gets tagged (that's graffitti for those that don't know the lingo) that often. Over it.

I had to keep putting up the volume on the TV last night when I was trying to watch The Office because of the hovering Ghetto Birdies...that would be helicopters. Yep. Over it.

For the most part our neighborhood isn't that bad...but it's getting worse. Five years ago when we bought here it was super quiet. It's just gotten a lot worse over the past year or so. I guess this is what they call "Urban Living"? Whatever it's called, I'm pretty much over it.


The Psycho Mama said...

I feel your pain! DH and I also live in a neighbourhood that's pretty sketchy--and we'll probably end up staying here for at least another three years. We live in an apartment and we hear people partying at 2 a.m., someone just moved in down the hall who is constantly screaming and crying about how social services are threatening to take her kids, and I know this is totally superficial, but EVERYWHERE we go, no matter the time of day or the place, we see people out and about in their pajamas. Not to mention the fact that we are 24, and are definitely in the higher age range of parents in this neighbourhood. I am tired of being shunned by the other mommies because I'm the only one over the age of 19 :(

Espi, Lisa and Isabella said...

We left PB for all of the above reasons. But we also heard gunshots and cops cornered people in our alley. God Bless Encinitas!