Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Nap: The Center Of My Universe

I support students in an Earth Science class, and the topic of discussion today was all about the Sun being the center of the Universe and how the planets revolve around it. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Oh this poor teacher, who is soon expecting his first little one, has no idea. No idea.

My world does not revolve around the Sun, you see. My world revolves around the Nap. My whole life lately revolves around if and when Joaquin takes his nap. I don't get to just flip through a magazine, eat a snack or even take a crap in peace unless it is during Joaquin's nap time. These 1-3 hours of my day are my only moments I get to do anything without a baby pulling on my leg or following me around asking for "that" and "that".

Joaquin is making the glorious transition from two naps a day to one and on Sunday I found out just how important these naps were to my sanity.

We had gone over to my parents house to watch the Charger game. They have a huge back yard and Joaquin was running all over the place, climbing up and down the stairs, chasing the dogs, and just generally having a grand old time. By the end of the game he was exhausted and was just a mess of a baby. He needed a nap and he needed it bad.

As Dan drove us home, Joaquin promptly fell asleep and my daydream began. I had big plans for this nap. First, I would take a shower and yes, even wash my hair. Heck, I might even shave my legs! Then I would blow dry my hair. Next I would finish up my grocery list and go grocery shopping. All by myself. I even considered driving the extra distance to go to the sane Trader Joes in Point Loma! Maybe Henry's after that? Oh the excitement, it was just too much!

Normally Joaquin is a total rock star when it comes to the car seat to bed transfer. At the very worst I have to nurse him back down for a minute or two. But Sunday was another story. I don't know what it was. Was it because he was so over tired from not having napped all day? Was it the excitement of the Chargers actually winning another playoff game? Or was it because he knew I really needed his nap for myself and he just wanted to play the part of the rebellious teen and stick it to me?

Whatever it was, when I laid him down his eyes were wide open. With a silly little grin on his face, he pointed to the door and chirped "dah, dah, dah". "It's not time to play with Bella right now, Papacito. It's time for sleepies" I patiently whispered to him. I laid down with him and tried to get him to latch on while all my big ideas for the next couple of hours slowly drained away. He nursed for a minute or two but then when he heard the tiniest of noises, he picked up his head and ask for "dah". Little by little my disappointment mounted.

I was so mad. I was frustrated. I was pissed. "What the hell?!?! Why aren't you sleeping?" I wanted to scream. "Don't you know this is my only time I get to do what I want to do?!?"

He was awake. He crawled over me and down to the floor, off to the living room to look for "dah". I got up and followed him out. I was infuriated. I glared at Dan, then at Bella, "it's all their fault" I thought. "If he would have walked a little lighter, if she would have just itched a little quieter he wouldn't have woken up all the way...I just know it."

Joaquin followed me into the kitchen whining for me to pick him up. "Sorry little man, by contract I get a duty free lunch. Go to your dad, he is currently the only parent on duty." He didn't buy it. The whining increased, his eyes were heavy with exhaustion. Why didn't he just go to sleep??

Dan then tried to get him down, but that only lead to screams and cries of agony. Finally I tossed him in the sling, he quieted down and latched on. I hadn't put him to sleep like this in months. I bounced and bounced and bounced. For nearly 20 minutes I bounced and he slowly went back to sleep while my reasoning was slowly restored.

I carefully laid him down. I held my breath and with each second my daydreams of my afternoon to myself returned. Quietly, I picked up my robe and slipped into the shower to finally wash my hair. Free.

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Iris said...

Ah, the nap, huh? I know just what you mean, though most of the time I still Lila nap on me. It's a good excuse to veg.