Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On a roll

I am so on a roll.

Since my mental health day on Thursday I have been rockin' it around the house. There have been so many things I have wanted to clean out and reorganize, but not only did I not have the time, I didn't have the motivation. I guess I just needed a good jump start. And that is exactly what Thursday gave me.

Along with re-organizing around here, I have been wanting to clear out a bunch of crap. I feel like we have accumulated so many THINGS. Why do we need so many things?! We don't, so I'm getting rid of them all! Well, at least the stuff we don't use or need.

I have also been doing a pretty good job of replacing lots of plastic stuff in the kitchen with glass and stainless steel because of the whole BPA thing. But I was still holding onto the plastic stuff for who knows why, which was just taking up precious space. I have been clearing out a cabinet or drawer a day for the past few days and now the kitchen is all done and cleared out!

I even found a water solution. "Water solution?", you ask.

Well, I have been racking my brain lately on how and where to get our water. I want to avoid the hard plastic containers because of BPA. So that left out Brita containers. I really like my pull out spray faucet, it makes me happy, so don't want to mess that up with a faucet filter. Plus we just got fluoride in our water, so none of those filter options work anyway since they don't filter out fluoride. We can't afford to do some kind of whole house reverse osmosis system and we don't have room for one under our sink. I can't have anything that takes up floor space because we have so very little of it. We also have very little counter space, but I am willing to give some of it up for our water. So in the mean time of finding a water solution, I will admit, I had a pretty crappy solution. For the past year or so, maybe even longer, we have been buying those 2.5 gallon bottles of water from the store for our drinking water. It's such a huge waste, it embarrasses me. But I really didn't know what else to do. Until now!

I can't say it's a perfect solution, but it will work for us. Since I cleared out some space on another counter, I opened up space to get a counter water dispenser with a glass bottle. Instead of going to the store every week and paying a few bucks for a couple of those 2.5 gallon bottles, we'll go to go to The Water Lady and fill up a 3 gallon glass bottle. It's less than 40 cents per gallon with a prepaid plan, so not bad. Plus I feel good that I'm supporting a local business and she has all of her filter etc right there. The water goes through reverse osmosis which gets rid of most of the fluoride.

Now that it's all set up, I think it actually looks kind of pretty in my kitchen! What do you think?

Our water solution

And in all of my reorganizing I even opened up a drawer for Joaquin to play in while I'm working in the kitchen. Here he is having a ball yesterday morning.

Joaquin and his new drawer

Next on my list it to attack the hall closet. We have tons of DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs and just plain old crap crammed in there. It just might get interesting.


lola coca-cola said...

I'm so glad you found a solution, it looks really nice!

Luci said...

ok, nothing to do with the post, but I forgot to give you the gdiaper covers today! next time though, they're always in my car!