Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Take anything away from me, but not my shoes!

For a while I have been feeling some numbing and discomort in the ball and toes of my left foot. I ignored it. Then in the past few weeks it turned into out right pain. Shooting pain starting in the ball of my foot on to my toes. It was definatley worse when I wore my heels to work. But they're not that high, I swear!! They're only like two inch heels, but yes, they have the pointy toe. My foot only felt better when I wore my sneaks, but me in sneaks at work?!?! If I have to work at least let me wear cute shoes!! A few people even commented on my sneaker wearing. "You? In sneakers??? What's wrong?!?!" Snarl, Snarl, Snarl.

I went to the Chiropractor, and as it turns out, I have Morton's Neuroma. Sounds saucy, doesn't it? It is all because of my oh-so-cute shoes. Damn the shoes. I was told "NO MORE HEELS" Fine. There are plenty of cute flats out there.

I went to DSW on Friday with my $10 coupon in hand. I found a super cute pair of black flats in the clearance section and walked out paying only 15 bucks for a pair of very comfy $60 Kenneth Coles. Score. They are flat. But. They do have the slightest of a pointy toe. I can't stop. I love the pointy toe.

Fast forward to today, Tuesday. My first day back at work and I get to wear my new shoes. After being in my adidas all weekend, I was actually looking forward to wearing them. I came in, put out out a few fires, made a couple calls, sent off a few emails. Then came time to walk across campus to one of my classes. And it started. Damn the shoes! Damn them all to hell!

I'll be back tomorrow in my adidas. Snarl.

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