Saturday, January 19, 2008

We got a haircut today

This was my feral child this morning, hair all in a disarray.

Boy needs a hair cut!

So we took our little savage to get his haircut. I was a bit sad, I kind of liked his little rock-n-roll look. But, I admit, it was getting out of control. Plus a couple of people had mentioned that we had the same haircut. I found that rather traumatizing.

We went to a cute little place called Pigtails & Crewcuts at the Otay Ranch Town Center. They had a playroom for the kids to wait their turn and cars for them to sit in while they got their cut. Of course Joaquin was all over the place and I was doing all I could to keep him seated. The lady doing his hair was quick, patient, and did her best to entertain him.

Taxi Driver!

Here he is, all cleaned up getting his groove on, on a piano in Gepetto's. I'm pretty pleased with the results. He looks like such a little boy now, and not a little baby anymore!

New Haircut

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Kimberly said...

He looks so boyish now! What a cutie!