Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is why I don't even try to sleep in anymore.

Most days I wake up with Joaquin and leave Dan be. It just works out that way with us, and yesterday reminded me why.

The night before I told Dan I needed to sleep in the next morning. I was exhausted and passed out on the couch at 8:30 while watching some quality tv. Which, coincidentally was the exact time I was supposed to be meeting up with some Mama friends at the Pink Elephant. I hated that I bailed out, because I was really looking forward to an evening of drinks and fun. But I was soooo darn tired.

The next morning Joaquin woke up at 7, which isn't so bad in my book, but was still quite early for Dan. He bought himself another half hour with the oh so wonderful Signing Time DVD. The whole time Joaquin was on and off the boobs while I slipped in and out of consciousness. He crawled over me, back and forth, back and forth, trying to decide which boob he preferred. Finally the dvd ended and Joaquin still wasn't ready to get out of bed, but wanted to continue nursing. Fine. Whatever. Just let me sleep.

Eventually he crawled off the bed and wandered off to the living room looking for Bella. But instead of me following him out like I usually do, it was Dan. As soon as he realized this, he pitched the most awesome little baby fit and came running back to the bedroom looking for me. I mumbled a few suggestions for Dan to distract him and I think they worked. I had a few moments of no baby whining and promptly fell back to sleep. I probably slept for a whole 10 minutes extra, or it could have been an hour. I had no idea. But after a bit more sleep, I coughed and Joaquin must have heard me with his bionic baby ears. He came running back to the bedroom looking for the mother he had temporarily forgot was in bed.

I was done. I wasn't sleeping in any later. It was 8 am and that was actually pretty late for me. I felt good and rested, so I was fine with it, and ready for another day.

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Luci said...

Oh yah, this is a familiar scene at my house on weekend mornings...I usually try to sleep in one morning and Dan handles the girls on his own. But most of the time Elise ends up crying outside my bedroom door, so...! I can't really sleep through that!