Saturday, February 9, 2008

No court for me!

I was really really needing a nap today. Joaquin decided to wake up at 6. I swear...this kid. What the hell man.
Anyway, so Dan took Joaquin to the grocery store and now, I can't sleep. Lovely.
Oh well, now I have some time with you all to update you on my court adventure, or lack thereof.

I had to get there early to meet with the D.A. so she could go over my statement and tell me what to expect. She made it sound incredibly scary. I had to answer only the question asked, and not elaborate unless asked. I had to answer completely truthfully, as in only exactly what I remembered, not what I thought I remembered. She told me not to be afraid of the defense attorney, he's just an intimidating guy doing his job. By the end of our little meeting I wanted to run away crying.

She also told me that these three kids had stolen a car, crashed it and had broken into a few other cars in the neighborhood before I saw them. Nice. The other two kids had already admitted guilt, but this one, just didn't want to own up to it.

Then I had to wait. I waited and waited and waited. For nearly two hours. And I forgot a book. So I was stuck with the Reader (which I really hate) and a Glamour from August (which just made me feel fat and ugly and desperately in need of some new shoes).

Finally the D.A. showed back up with some good news! The kid had heard that they had a witness, two victims and 4 officers there ready and waiting to testify against him and he kind of freaked. He admitted guilt and that was that. I was free to go.

She apologized for my time, but explained how important it was that we were all there, ready. It was what he needed to finally give himself up. I was cool with it, I didn't have to testify and that was all that mattered!

But as I drove home, I couldn't help but start to get really pissed off at this kid. He wasted so much time for so many people. And the money!! This D.A. obviously spent hours on this case, she had to get paid. His defense attorney had to get paid. The officers I'm sure were paid to be there. Dan had to take a half day to watch Joaquin so we missed out on half a day's pay. The victim's probably had to get out of work. And I'm sure there was plenty of other people out there that spent time, energy and money on this case. All because he was too stubborn to confess what he did?

I know last week, I felt really bad for him. But I don't anymore. I mean I feel bad that his life sucks enough that this is what he has to resort to. But I don't feel bad for calling the police or for having to testify against him. Does that make me sound evil? If it does, I'm sorry. I need a nap, remember?

So that's my story. Not nearly as crazy and dramatic as I thought it would be. But seriously, I really don't need anymore drama in my life. Life with a toddler is really all I can handle.

By the way, Elaine, your comment was super awesome. It was just what I needed, and your words seriously got me through the week. Thanks so much.


Elaine said...

Always glad to help, even if it's just reframing. Sometimes that's all I need, for someone to say, "wait, look at it like this" and I can move on, accept my role and try to face the situation with grace. Which you did. And I'm so proud of you for it.

That said, glad you didn't actually have to testify. It sounds like it would have been so intimidating!

veganmomma said...

I'm glad all is behind you now. I would have been freaked out too because I think too much in those situations.
BTW, I've been enjoying your blog. I can see what is ahead for me in just a few short months since Joaquin is right ahead of Rowan!