Thursday, February 28, 2008

OK, I think I'm better now.

I talked to Dan a bit ago and he also had a bit of a holy crap moment. Ya know, like "wow, this is real". But we both took deep breaths and came through sans freak out attacks. He was dropping off Joaquin at the in-laws because they just HAVE to see him or their hearts fall right out of their chests. They love that kid. Anyway, he was going to go back home to clean the house. How cool is that? I get to go home to a clean house and I didn't even have to do it OR pay someone to do it. In money.

I hadn't cried yet, I was on the verge a few times, but didn't cry. And that's crazy because I normally cry at the drop of a hat. But when I met with my Principal today, I cried. Not much, but enough that he ran out to get me tissue in fear that I might make a whole mess out of myself on his fancy redwood desk. He's actually a really good guy and I'm sure had no worries about his fancy desk. He had no problem with giving me part time at the beginning of the year and he was really supportive today. He also had big smiles at the idea of Dan being a SAHD. He has two little ones and is very much a father. But, what I thought was soo super duper cool, was that one of his first questions was if I would like to come back part-time next year. After all he did to get me part-time this year, put me back full-time now and still, he is considering giving me back part-time next year? Without me even having to ask? I of course said I would love it.

So Dan better get a job before then! We have a max of 6 months of unemployment and I'm now full time, we have a little dinero set aside and we also are getting a bit of a tax refund and that gubm'nt stimulation thing. We should be OK and hopefully I won't have to do summer school. Now all we need is a job...but not a few months. Right around summer would be perfect. And then I get knocked up.

Hey, one can dream, right?

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