Thursday, February 7, 2008

Really quick!

Dang, I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I've posted last. I suck!! Well actually, I've been pretty busy here at work which is usually when I do most of my blogging. So I only have a quick minute! That's a good thing. As you know I haven't been a huge fan of my job lately. As of Tuesday my schedule changed and I'm in some new classes thus I'm much busier. This makes for a much happier me. While I don't like crazy busy, I need some busy-ness to keep me sane. Now I don't have time to mope around and hate my job. I come to work and work until it's time to go home rather than trying to find ways to kill time. On top of that, I actually like the subject areas I'm working in. Not that I have a thing against science, I'm just not much of a scientific thinker. English is way more up my alley as you can tell by my great grammar. Hopefully this will keep up.

On to Joaquin.

Wow, this kid is seriously awesome. I remember a while back, when her daughter was this age, my friend Iris, told me what a great time she was having with her little one. I thought I got it when she told me, but now I really get it. He is just so fun! He does the silliest little things. Yesterday he started spinning in circles in front of our bedroom mirror. He would stop and laugh at himself while he stumbled around and then start spinning again. He dances to everything. I had Simon and Garfunkel on in his room the other day while he was in there playing. I walked in to check on him and found him dancing to "Cecilia" (which coincidentally happens to be my sister's name). There he was bobbing up and down groovin' to the tunes. It was so incredibly adorable!!

Everyday I find myself laughing with him. And not just a chuckle, but a full on laugh. A laugh where I have to catch my breath and my belly aches, kind of laugh. So here I will leave you with a couple of pictures my in-laws took over the past week or two only because I haven't uploaded my pics from my camera yet.


Joaquin playing 001

PS. Tomorrow I go to court...think happy thoughts for me!


Luci said...

This IS an awesome age! They're such a blast!

Iris said...

I love that last toothy picture!