Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A trip to dog beach.

Well now I'm home and waiting for the in-laws to drop off Joaquin. I know, I know. I should be looking for my keys and not writing on here. But I've been wanting to share these pics all week and I finally have a few free minutes. I have tomorrow to find the keys, remember?

On Sunday a good friend of mine threw a sort of doggie birthday party for her 12 year old dog. Before you think she's crazy, know it was just a bunch of friends with dogs meeting up at Coronado Dog Beach. We took Joaquin this summer and he was really too small to get that into it. But Sunday was a whole other story!

He adores dogs. So here he is all super duper happy on my back watching all the action.

Loving the dogs!

Then of course he wanted part of the action. I didn't want him to get tossed around by a bunch of 100 pound dogs so I tried to put him down away from everything. He was happy with the sand for about two minutes.

Playing with the beach sand

Then he had had enough and wanted in on the REAL action!

Off to join in on the fun!

I was total helicopter mom to keep him away from the frolicking dogs and zero degree water. But I obviously didn't do too good of a job because he still got soaked. The water was freezing, but he was so excited by it. I tried to make a game of it and try and get him to run away from the water, but his shoes and pants quickly got wet and he totally fuh-reaked when I tried to pick him up and away from the water.

Finally I gave in and took off his pants and shoes. He only barely touched the water with is toes, but he had so much fun playing in the wet sand!

Headed for the water

Yay!  Water

Oh, and here is Bella after she had a nice roll in the sand.

Bella after a roll in the sand

I can't wait for this summer when we can go to the beach and really get wet!

OK, off to go try and find my keys now

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