Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bad Haircut

This morning I attempted to trim off Joaquin's mullet. He's a squirmy little guy so I just managed to cut it off, straight across. There wasn't any layering or tapering, just a big step. It kind of ended up looking like a bowl haircut, but only in the back. Seriously, it didn't look so hot, but at least it wasn't a mullet.  

A bit later Iris and the fam came over for a "throw the kids under the sprinklers" party, complete with beer and margaritas. 

sprinkler party!

She took a look at Joaquin's new do and was not impressed. 

bad haircut

So after they left I had another go at it. This time I took out the clippers. Not a good idea. I just took out a big chunk. So I brought the scissors back out to try and fix that.  

really bad haircut

I know. I know.

Joaquin took a bit of a nap and when he woke up I took another try. It's a little better, but still not good.

could be worse?

It really only looks this bad right under the bright light of the flash. Under normal lighting, you can hardly tell. And it looks even better when he's looking up.

you can hardly tell!

You see, this is why I pay people to cut my kid's hair. Poor guy, at least it grows fast.


Elaine said...

When Lily asked me to cut her hair short I almost panicked. Somehow I managed to give her a cute do, but not by any skill. I think when it comes to the untrained mama-cut, it's pure luck. And the more you do it, the less your luck sucks. At least, that's what I'm going with today.

Eliska Bobeeska said...

You are freaking halarious!