Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I know this birthday is really no different than last year's. But, actually, it is.

You see, last year I was *tee hee hee...30*! It sounded all playing grown-up like. It went a little something like this..."Oh, how old are you?" "Oh, I'm thirty!" "Yay" "Yay".

Now it's like..."How old are you?" "I'm 31." "You're thirty-something." "I know." "Like that show that was on in the 90's." "I know." "When we were, like, teenagers." "I know." "That sucks." "I know."

I remember hanging out at the bar in my twenties and seeing those *thirty-something* like people and thinking "Oh they're adults, that is why they are so sad and so miserable. I am so young and so in my twenties and I am so hot and so young. By the way, I'm so not an adult yet because I am so young. So young."

I am now, so totally an adult. I just can't get away with it anymore. It's so sad. And old. And so sad.

But! Believe it or not, I'm actually not that sad today. It was actually a pretty decent day, even though I'm thirty-something.

Work didn't suck ass. I actually got some stuff done. I also wore the cutest coat in the world that my mom got for me for my birthday. I got to have Mexican food for lunch and even splurged on a diet coke. It was the yummiest diet coke. Ever.

My mom and sis came over this afternoon and we looked at my sister's wedding photos a whole two months after the wedding. They're actually very awesome. Then my mom swept Joaquin away while Dan and I went for sushi and then got a yummy chocolate cake to bring home.

So, it was actually a good day. Even though I'm an old thirty-something adult.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Ciria! I'm glad it was a nice day and I hope that being and 'adult' grows on you :)


Eliska Bobeeska said...

I swear I'm still not a grown up. Does having a baby make you an adult? I'm right behind you in the age sister... I think the odd years always seem older.