Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mama's Day!!!

So far it's been a nice morning. Joaquin said "stinky butt" loud and clear for the first time while I changed his diaper this morning. I mean really, how awesome is that?

We are s.lo.w.l.y. getting ready and packed for a couple days at Disneyland. Dan and I used to go about once every couple of years pre-baby. We like it, and we have fun there. So, now is Joaquin's first time. We're going to drive up later today, hang out at a cheesy hotel across the street and then wake up bright and early and do Disneyland. Then we'll do California Adventure the next day. I'm optimistic it won't be too stressful. We're not a "must see it all" kind of family. More like a wander around, hit up a few rides, people-watch and find booze kind of family. We set a great example for Joaquin.

I was going to post yesterday about a rather traumatic day at work on Friday. But I think I'm moving on. The incident actually put me into quite an anxiety stink all day yesterday and I was on the brink of cancelling our trip. But I think I'm feeling better. You may hear the story if the images keep popping up in my mind and I need to get it all out. I'm hoping you won't though, as that means I'm moving on.
Oh and how could I forget?! We got me a new laptop with our stimulus dinero. So that means I will be able to blog more!! My old laptop finally died after 7 years. I actually can't believe it lasted that long...go mac, go! We were a one computer household for a while, totally not a big deal, but that computer is also our TV and once Joaquin goes to sleep we like our TV. Which meant no blogging time for Mama. Now I can multi-task and blog while watching TV, or even while Joaquin is eating breakfast, like now for instance!
Happy Mama's Day!!!

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