Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moving my ass.

When I was pregnant with Joaquin I gained a whopping 60 pounds. I was so worried it would never go away. Luckily, by 6 months postpartum I had lost it all, and a few months later I was actually 10 pounds under what I was when I got pregnant. I was STOKED. But now that Joaquin isn't nursing as much, I've gained those 10 back. I know I should still be happy that I'm back at my pre-preggo weight, but I've got a taste of the skinnier life and I want it back. Now.

Since we've had Joaquin our eating habits have changed dramatically for the better. We are much healthier now and are much more conscious of what we put in our bodies. But I do still have a bit of a sweet tooth, and lately it has been attracting way more dark chocolate than it should!

What I really struggle with is the whole exercise thing. I know that if I want to be healthier AND lose anymore weight I have to move my ass. As of now, it doesn't get nearly as much movement as it should. But I HATE it, I really do. I've tried gyms and in my eyes they are the equivalent to hell on Earth, or the DMV. I did do Ashtanga Yoga for a while and that went really great for me. But now it's hard to find the time to leave the family especially since I work 5 days a week. And it costs money, money that I don't have. I also used to walk a lot, and still do it once in a while, but not regularly. When I was doing it regularly, it was nice, and I had even started jogging/running. Honestly, there is no excuse as to why I can't do that anymore.

Soooo, the other day I put Joaquin in the stroller, put Bella on the leash and we went for a nice walk to our local ghetto park. We've been there a few times, and it's actually pretty decent. I'm just a snob. Once I got there I got a hair up my ass to jog around the baseball diamond. There was nobody else there so I let Bella off leash and she ran alongside me. Joaquin freaking loved it and was giggling the whole time at Bella. After a few walking and jogging laps around the diamond we hung out at the play equipment and Joaquin got to run around a bit. It actually was a perfect little routine!

So I did it again yesterday and again, it went really well. I'm even a little sore today and I love it! It feels like my body is actually doing something!

I don't know if I will lose anymore weight, or how long it will take. But I would like to get into this habit at least a few times a week. There is really no excuse anymore. At least until I find another one.

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