Wednesday, June 18, 2008

....aaaand we're done.

Whew! Yesterday was my last day. It consisted of a department breakfast carb fest to see off the people that are abandoning us. Next was a whole staff breakfast meeting to say good by to retirees and discuss final procedures and then we were set free by 9am. I used the extra time to raid some vacant classrooms of their bookshelves and other goodies to bring to my new room. There I squared away as much as possible until about 11 when I said..."Screw it! It can wait a month or so!" So, I went and got Mexican food to bring home to Dan.

I have been still feeling anxious and in work mode though. I keep thinking of things I need or want to do and it's annoying. So, I've resolved to write these things down, but to not attend to anything for at least a month. I deserve a month of no work, don't I? Then I'll do what I can, when I can, come late July.

But for now, it's summer vacation, baby.

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