Monday, June 2, 2008

Gardening with Dr. No

Joaquin has a whole mess of words. He has always been able to communicate his needs and wants with with either signs or words. He had never learned the dreaded No word though, if he didn't want something he shook his head or found another way to make it clear he did not agree.

Until last week.

I came home the other day to find him trying to open the trash can while he sang to himself "no no no nooooo". Dan quickly followed while also singing "no no no noooo", and shaking his finger. So Joaquin started shaking his finger while singing "no no no noooo". While it was all very cute, my heart sank when I realized that he had finally learned THE word.

I also gave Dan the look of death because well, he obviously taught it to him. I try not to say no, but it still comes out, so honestly, Dan is not the only one to blame here. But I blame him. Later that evening the not so cute NO's ensued.

Since then I have learned that Joaquin really does not like anything. Nothing. Everything is NO now. I'm really really working hard at staying patient and this Sunday really worked it.

I had been meaning to plant some tomatoes and veggies in some containers for a few months now. We managed to get some great stuff last year, and had lots of yummy tomatoes. After a breakfast out we went and picked up some plants to plant. Joaquin took his nap and that afternoon we got down and dirty.

I pulled out our old containers filled with last year's dirt and tried to water them down. All Joaquin could say about this was NO. So I gave him the hose. No. He then attempted to soak me and it was my turn for Nooooooo!

watering mama!

Each time I tried to get him to point the hose down to the pots it was NO NO NO.


But he did manage a little watering in between the No's.

Oh, and when I went to turn the water off? Complete melt down.

Mad we had to turn off the water

We finally got the dirt all moistened up and mixed with new dirt. Planting the new plants were a whole new battle, but we got it done.


Each and every time I had to turn on the water, Dr. No was in effect. And each and every time I had to turn it off, it was the end of the world. This happened at least 3 times.



After all our plants were nice and snug in their new homes, I let Joaquin back at the hose while I sipped on a wine "spritzer".

Finally gets his hose

In all honestly, it really was a good time, it's just going to take getting some used to the new Dr. No. Thanks Dan.


LisaBella said...

The exact same thing happened to us with the No's - I strategically kept that word out our vocab for so long. The next level is now to frame questions that involve choice but not yes or no. Good luck with that - we are a work in progress! Pass the spritzer :)

veganmomma said...

Wow, you just clearly illustrated my life lately. Although Rowan has used that word for a couple of months now (2nd child thing, just wait, i know athena didn't use it until like 18 months!) So anyway, rowan has been picking the flowers we JUST planted and pitches a huge fit everytime i take him away. He'll often say "no no" as he throws a toy. They are soooo cute, but these are trying times over here I must admit. I never thought my baby boy was going to be the harder of the 2, but now Athena seems like an angel most of the time. Anyway, I enjoyed this post.

Lucca Blue Del Frate said...

oh, man! the exact same thing here - my husband taught him the no, no, no, complete with finger wag! ugh. now, when lucca is walking around calling out no, no, nooooo, we answer back, yes, yes yeeesssss! my husband thought i was overreacting when i explained how i didn't want to teach him no, no; now he understands. too late.