Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oops. I did it again.

Yep. I tried cutting Joaquin's hair again.

His bangs were getting way too long and the poor little man hasn't figured out how to brush them aside, so he's been getting frustrated and rubbing at his eyes a lot lately. I came to the conclusion that the cost of gas and a haircut combined just wasn't worth it for an 18 month old, so we would just have to learn how to do this haircut thing ourselves.

not so bad this time

I set up is high chair in the bathroom and attempted to distract him with an organic juice box that I had stashed away for such the occasion. He didn't last long. Luckily I only had to do the sides and the front since I took care of the back last month. Learning from my previous mistakes, I didn't cut straight across, but grabbed hair in between my fingers and cut down so it has a more textured look to it. But after a few minutes in the bathroom he flipped out and I set us up again in the living room in front of the tv. I'm such a good mom.

not so bad this time

Here is the final product. Other than the sides being a bit off due to him shaking his head every time I tried to go there, I think it turned out OK this time. Hopefully our next attempt will be even better!

not so bad this time

Oh, and by the way...Yes, I do often quote Britney Spears, she's a quotable person like that. Thank you very much.

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Kate said...

i LOVE this haircut. who needs a hairstylist when they've got mama!