Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dinner experimentation

I'm on a message board with lots of moms and recently one asked what we do about dinner when our little person just isn't interested. Do they just have to deal because we ain't no short order cook? Or do we make them want they want and just deal? Or a combination? Or what?

I had never really thought about it much because I try to just go with the flow. But once I thought about it I realized my cooking was pretty intentional. I always made sure there was something in there that Joaquin would want, so even if he didn't like it all, he had something. And if it all failed there was always broccoli in the freezer!

So because of this little discussion, I decided to do some experimenting.

I made an avocado and black bean salad and fish for dinner. I had brown rice as back up. I know Joaquin loves beans and avocados, but wasn't sure how we would like them in this salad, and I had never cooked fish like this for him yet.

Here is his lovely dinner...
avo salas and fish

First bite, doesn't look all that into it..
Not so into it

Spitting it out...
Spitting it out

aaaaand panic...
...and panic.

I swooped it all away and mixed some brown rice into it, made it look like a whole new dinner and he seemed to buy it...
Considering it

And we have a winner!
...and it's a winner!


Lessoned learned? Always have an alternate plan that can work off of the need to reinvent the wheel every darn night!

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Ash, Cat, Kyan & Nakia said...

That's awesome Ciria!! I love that!