Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another camping trip!

This past weekend we ventured out on our 4th camping trip with the little dude. By far, this was the best trip yet. As he gets older, it gets more and more fun…more work, but more fun. Not only is he at an age where he is now able to enjoy camping more, we had quite a bit of little people company.

We were one of 15 families, all with at least one child of toddler age. It was Joaquin heaven. Dirt, kids and freedom! Seriously, this kid was ALL over the place. He really isn’t a “clingy stick by mama” kind of kid. He’s more of a “hey, there’s people I must say hi to wayyyyy over there” kind. While chasing after him drove me a bit insane, it was pretty awesome to see how independent and social he has become. On the last day, I finally tried just letting him go wander to see if he came back. Sure enough, once I was out of his sight (he was never out of mine), he turned around and wandered right back.

We all took over about nine sights at Paso Picacho in the Cuyamaca area. It was beautiful. It got kind of warm by noon, so on Saturday we took the kids to Green Valley Falls and waded in the water. On the way back both Joaquin and Lila fell asleep and took a blissful nearly two-hour nap that let us parents’ catch our breath. That evening we had a huge potluck with all the families while the kids ran wild and free. That was followed by s’mores and beverages for the adults. Packing up on Sunday kind of sucked, but packing up always sucks, especially under the hot hot sun.

I took a ridiculous amount of photos, here are a few (I lied, a bunch)…just click on one of the pics to see the rest over on my flickr stream.

dirty joaquin

nekky kids

dan at falls

climbing out

one with the dirt

best buddies


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julia said...

ciria, you are TOTALLY rocking your camera these days. I'm so impressed! nice skills!