Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I took Joaquin to the in-laws today to get a few hours off. My plan was to go home and do some cleaning, nothing exciting. But on my way home, my mom called and invited me over for breakfast. I reminded her that I didn't have Joaquin and she still wanted me. Shocking! Often when I go visit, she immediately goes for Joaquin and I rarely even get a "hello". Dan and I snicker about it all the time, so I was pretty surprised she actually wanted to just hang out with me and not her dear grandson. I went over and we enjoyed a leisurely gossip filled breakfast on her deck.

Then she invited me out for pedicures. A pedicure?!?! I haven't had one of those since my friend's bachelorette spa day back in May... of 2007. The time before that was in the last month of my pregnancy waiting for Joaquin to pop out. So off we went and got our toes done. I love getting my toes done, it just makes me happy and they're so purdy now!


I normally don't wear any polish or color on them so I decided to go all out and funky and get a dark dark purple. They make me smile.

Thanks mommy, you made my day!

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