Sunday, July 20, 2008

armpit love

Joaquin loves my armpits. It doesn't matter if the hair is long and fuzzy, short and stubbly or freshly shaven. Doesn't matter if they're clean and right out of the shower or sweaty and stinky. Great visuals, right? When he's nursing or I'm holding him he digs his little monkey fingers in them almost scraping at the skin. When he's in the ergo on my back he has one hand in each armpit, like human handlebars. If his nails are long it hurts like a bitch, but if they're short it's just a bit of an annoyance. I try and move his hand, but they always find their way back. The other day, I was sitting in a restaurant booth with him. He was starting to get squirmy and I raised my arm to put it around him. He caught a glimpse of my pit and he kneeled down, stuck his fingers in and started poking around, like a little chipmunk. It calmed him down for a few minutes so I just sat there eating with my arm up while he played with my armpit. What the hell?? Weird, right? The other morning he kissed it. Today he licked it. In the car I asked him if my armpits make him happy and he sang "happy happy happy!" while nodding his head in agreement. Hey, whatever makes you happy, kid.


LisaBella said...

SNL - Superstar! Too funny!

Luci said...

Ha! I thought Elise was the only weirdo-armpit-loving baby! I have no idea what the obsession is with the armpits, but....glad to know we're not alone!

Lou said...

Wow I know this is an old post, but I just found it - my almost 2 year old currently lives for 'armie'...more so than nursing. I thought it amusing at first but it's developed into something that often drives me nuts, especially at night when he snuggles in and won't leave my armpit alone til in a deep sleep. But on the flip side, it's an instant cure to tantrums etc. It's too much of a habit now to break easily and gets extremely distressing if I say No.. It strikes a lot of people who witness it as weird, but I just keep telling myself it's a comfort thing and he'll grow out of it. Please tell me they do?!?!