Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our fake vacation!

I'm currently typing this from the bed of our lovely hotel room in the exotic Carlsbad California. Yep, we traveled a WHOLE 30 miles to go on vacation. Obviously that's not really a vacation so I've been calling it our fake vacation. We just wanted to get away for a few days, but didn't want to deal with the time and money of going anywhere that is a real distance away. My mom took Joaquin for a night so Dan and I had a whole 24 hours to ourselves. I forgot what it was like to sit by a pool and do nothing. It was actually kind of unsettling and I ended up kind of bored! Also, my boobs were enormous and in so much pain by noon today. For those not in the know, I still nurse and not nursing for over 24 hours when you're used to nursing every few can be quite the shock to the boobage. My mom dropped off Joaquin at about 5pm and he was going full speed until he finally passed out at about 9. Now we're just gorging ourselves on cable, it's quite exciting since we don't have it at home. Um, I *heart* Bravo now. Good thing we're cheap because I could see that channel eating up any and all of my "spare" time! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of playing at the pool and the kids water play area. We'll also eat, watch more cable during nap and then probably go for a walk or two. I'm actually quite looking forward to it! We'll spend another night and then make the big drive back home on Saturday.


veganmomma said...

That sounds super nice, we haven't had 24 hrs. to ourselves in over 4 years! Wow.

LisaBella said...

Hahahhahha I go to watch cable at the gym - like a mouse on a treadmill while watching Bravo! We have bunny ears at home :)

Kimberly said...

Um... I think my comment got eaten, but I said that your vacation sounds nice and we're going to do something similar for our anniversary.

I also want to take photos of you with your new do, so call me when you get back.