Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Five Year Anniversary!!!!

I can't believe it's already been five years ago since Dan and I got married! Looking at these pictures, it blows my mind that now we have Joaquin and are about to have our 2nd!

Yesterday we had an unexpected date night because my mom took Joaquin up to Bakersfield for the day to visit his new cousin. We went for a spicy dinner at the new El Zarape and I got some of the best Chicken Mole ever...I swear I could live on that stuff! Anyway, we were just talking about what a tough year this has been for both ourselves individually and for ourselves as a couple. But we both know that when we make it out on the other side of all these outside stressors, and I know we will, we will just be that much stronger.

Happy Anniversary Dan...I love you!

Here are a bunch of photos by Jennifer Thomas Photography from the wedding, sorry there are so many, it's hard to whittle them down, I love them all so much...It was really a pretty amazing day!


Click here to view these pictures larger

Jennifer did all the color ones and Nelwyn did the B&W ones, this was before I ever knew her as a mama!


eiroc said...

Wow, five years already. You look so beautiful and claim. Love the pictures. Wish mine would of been this good & I was nice and claim. Time sure flies by.

Shandell said...

love the wedding photos. gorgeous!

knrush said...

Ciria, you look so beautiful and happy! I love Nelwyns photos!