Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice weekend at 38 weeks

Yesterday morning we finished up a few baby related items and after our luxurious family nap headed to my mom's. She was having some of my aunts and cousins over "just because", or so I thought. I walked in, to my cousins yelling "Surprise". I was confused, I knew they would be there, so seeing them wasn't too surprising, until they explained to me they were there for my shower! Ahhh, I see! Now that was quite the surprise!

We ended up getting a good amount of gift cards which will come very much in handy come time to buy new baby clothes. She is totally set for the rest of summer and through about 3 months, but then her stash quickly dwindles down, so these cards are very much appreciated!

Here is a picture Dan took of me in the back yard now at 38 weeks and 3 days. I'm thinking this might be my last belly shot. I'm just kind of done!

38 weeks

Today we went for a big breakfast at one of my favorite big breakfast joints, Lake Murray Cafe. It was then off to the in-laws and then back home for another luxurious nap (I'm trying to get as many in as possible, can you tell?).

This evening was spent at the zoo. It was perfect, not too hot and we stayed a bit later than usual. Joaquin is totally in love with what he called the "moving trees", and then he enjoyed a puppet show about dragons and pirates. We walked a bit and I got plenty of contractions, like i do everyday now, but nothing that is sticking.

I'm really trying to enjoy my days as much as possible...I just have no idea how many more I have until life completely changes all over again!


Elaine said...

Lily was intrigued by the Moving Tress but Anya was having NONE of it. She totally hid behind me and clung to me like the trees were going to come snatch her away.

And you're looking amazing, Mama. Not long now!

eiroc said...

My sister & I live right next to Lake Murray Cafe. Let me know if you need anything else for the baby. We were waiting for the baby shower.

Iris said...

We were *thisclose* to going to Lake Murray Cafe yesterday too.

beka said...

I loooove the belly picture! Cute dress, mama. ;)